Home & Home Offices

Employees and clients who have home offices on Long Island have the legal right to have their data protected and kept confidential. Anyone who discards private data and documents without observing the proper procedures is exposing him or herself to the risk of prosecution, as well as the loss of business. Safety Shred of LI is the trusted name in New York for proper data destroying and paper shredding.

Secure paper shredding and computer data removal

SafetyShred provides onsite paper shredding home business services on Long Island that allows you to witness your documents being destroyed. Simply contact us and schedule an appointment. We serve LI, New York including Suffolk County and Nassau County. For those with home offices, there is no better way to protect your business, as well as your client’s, sensitive information then with SafetyShred — your source for sensitive data and document removal from your home office.

Secure digital shredding

Erasing digital storage devices does not guarantee that information can’t be retrieved. The most effective way to ensure the complete removal of data is to physically destroy it. SafetyShred of Nassau county and Long Island provides the right solutions to properly destroy and recycle your digital information and document removal.


Take advantage of our Five-Star Customer-Rated $20 a month home or home office shredding program.

$20 per month includes:

  • 2 banker boxes
  • A confirmation call
  • Traveling to your home location
  • Removal of the documents
  • Destruction and disposal
  • New York Certification of destruction