Why should I use an outside service rather than having it shredded by an employee?

Shredding internally is most often always more expensive to do in-house. Our efficient field personnel will reduce paper shredding jobs that may take days or even weeks to complete, to a matter of several minutes.

How often will you arrange for pick-up of documents?

We offer flexible service options. Together we can determine your needs depending on the size of the company and amount of paper and work together to determine a suitable pick-up schedule.

Do you supply secure document containers?

Yes, we can provide you with secured document collection containers in a variety of sizes.

What do you do with the paper after shredding?

Once your documents have been safely shredded, we bale and recycle the paper as an added security measure.

Can I watch material being shredded?

Customers are welcome to watch material shredding at our facility or on our mobile shredding trucks at any time. Once your documents have been shredded we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction to confirm all compliancy requirements were met.