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Outdated CDs, floppy discs can be shredded.


Many homes contain outdated or unused computers, CDs and even old floppy discs.

Computer data storage devices can contain more information than many file cabinets of paperwork combined. This area of secure shredding service is becoming more popular due to the amount of identity theft associated with information stolen from digital storage devices.

Be sure that your documents don't end up in the wrong hands.

Listed below are some documents and digital storage devices that require shredding:


Identity theft is not only one reason to have your paper and digital files shredded and recycled by SafetyShred.

Computers contain many toxic substances that can end up in landfills. These toxic substances leak into soil and groundwater. Protect your identity as well as the environment with SafetyShred digital storage shredding services.

Reasons not to self shred.

Many people that have purchased home shredders are under the impression that the documents they shred are identity theft proof. This is a fallacy than can cost you to fall victim of potential criminal activity. Below are reasons that more people are relying on SafetyShred to destroy their sensitive documentation securely.